kelarquitectos has a longstanding architectural tradition with a reputation for creating innovative and distinctive design solutions. we are at the forefront in identifying and utilising contemporary design models, materials and methods.

our experience and capabilities can release the full scope and potential of any scheme or development, whether at the planning or build stages.

we pride ourselves in being able to express our flair and creativity to achieve an optimum design aesthetic. yet we recognise that we must be equally creative in how this is applied in practice, so that it satisfies sustainability targets and stays within realistic construction and budgetary constraints.

our success in this respect is attributable to our multi-disciplinary approach. our architectural services dovetail seamlessly with our specialist expertise in project management, planning, construction and building surveying. this is reinforced by our grasp of ever more stringent sustainability, safety and construction regulations.

from inception to completion, what we bring to each housing scheme is a commitment to design quality, performance and longevity. this not only meets the needs of the people who will occupy them, it ensures an environmentally and economically sustainable solution for our clients.

as sustainability, building and safety regulations become ever more complex, so does the resulting procurement and construction process.

this is what prompted our decision to establish a full project management service. in essence, we act as employer’s agent or client representative. as such, we oversee and advise on all stages of the process, from briefing and design through to build and eventual handover.

in providing this service we draw on in-house specialist knowledge and technical expertise, which includes quantity surveying. we have teams of consultants who are all highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields and thoroughly conversant with the latest legislation.

our role can be tailored to each client’s individual needs. It can be restricted to a specific focus within a project, or it can cover the full spectrum of disciplines, including guidance on programmes and consultant and contractor selection. whatever our level of involvement we ensure our clients’ interests are fully safeguarded at all times.

within this, we also offer technical and training seminars. these cover the ethos and mechanics of the partnering process and the roles and obligations of each party. this service is valuable in that it ensures a successful outcome for all parties, whether clients, consultants or contractors.